Shifting Perspectives and Cultural Norms Through Performing Arts


Our mission is to increase the sense of self-worth of individuals in Japanese society through the training and building up of self-efficacy, self-efficiency, innovative thinking, interpersonal communication, and self-expression. We seek to accomplish this through a specialized, theatrical arts training program with creative arts therapists, educators, and performers at the forefront.


We hope to see stronger and more cohesive communities that support each individual member’s growth with the understanding that as the individuals who make up the community become better humans, the community becomes better.  This would result in an overall greater quality of life for society as a whole.

FOR ME NY is a consulting company based in New York and Tokyo.
Our clients include Japanese corporations and educational institutions.

To develop even better programs, we have started the joint research with Department of System Design Engineering at Keio University to assess the cognitive and psychological impacts of Improv. and theatrical method activities.